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Poynter Disapproval Awards

  Glenn ‘The Big Show‘ Maxwell for punting a garbage can in the dugout after his strikeout. West Indiana franchise refusing to play ball against arch Nemesis Indiana in a Testing Major League Series because they wanted a Big Bucks contractionization. Thisara Carrera 911 fumbling RoHit Karma on 4pts… he went on to slug a  Continue Reading »

December 2, 2014 UScricketguy

US Cricket Guy Cricketball Conundrum: The Leatherskin

The pitchers weapon for cricketball strikeout AWESOMENESS is known as the leatherskin. The traditional red leatherskin ball used in Testing matchups comes in two forms; The British Nuke is the hardest and most destructive ball! Its super shiny shell and super skinny stitching makes it a real threat to the decision timbers and many a  Continue Reading »

November 6, 2014 UScricketguy
Cremation Cup 2013
Cremation Cup 2013
Cremation Cup 2013